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Meta Labs

Welcome to Meta Labs.

Building the meta worlds for work environments

Build your own meta labs:

Simulated training environment, Product Showcase, Virtual Tour of the industry, 360 video tutorials, interactive digital twinning whatever might be your goal WisTwin ® is the single point of solution for all your meta needs. Your dream of setting a customized meta lab can be realized with WisTwin ® Meta labs solutions in the easiest way. We design , develop and deploy tailer made & modularised meta labs powering you with AR & VR technology.

Experience The Future Today with Meta Labs .

Meta Labs for Industrial Training

WisTwin ® with its vast experience in the industrial segment over a decade has handcrafted the WisTwin ® Meta Labs to address the needs in the most safest and secure way with the latest AR & Virtual Reality Technology.

Revolutionize Realtime Learning : Discover the Next-Level Virtual Reality Platform That Will Blow Your Mind!

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Emulate Your Digital Twins with Meta Labs

With WisTwin ® fully integrated industrial IOT technology, robotic solutions and the latest VR solutions now you can operate and experiment in Meta Labs

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Meta Training Modules

Using the industry's working approach as a guide, WisTwin ® develop safety training simulations. WisTwin ® develops safety scenarios for companies in oil & gas, mining, Aviation, manufacturing, and the Defence.

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Industrail SOP Trainings in Metalabs

Using the virtual simulation, trainees can learn how to set up safety equipment, avoid hazards and execute procedures quickly.

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State of the art safety training modules built in WisTwin ® Metalabs. Safety training on every hazard without any risk.


Ensure your team never miss any step again. Customised simulation models built for Standard Operating Procedures.

Shop Floor

Immerse your team in the shop floor and let them experience and practice on it.


With the latest AR/VR gadget integration WisTwin ® metalabs enables you a remote maintenance from anywhere in the world


Train the team on all the assembly activities of the vehicles and machines in the virtual world.

R & D

Experiment and innovate the better methods for the products and process development with WisTwin ® Metalabs.